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Biomarker sample & tissue bioanalysis (discovery)

For both preclinical and clinical investigations, the biomarkers you choose to quantify provide important information about disease progression and drug efficacy. By testing for the presence of multiple analytes, you can develop an informed understanding of clinical endpoints and prepare for future tests with a clear portfolio of biomarkers.

Identifying specific biomarkers for, predominantly, early cancer detection, especially where detection is usually at an advanced stage, can be done using tissue analysis by way of simple non-invasive tests. To define the biomarkers for a specific tumor through tissue analysis, the gene expression has to be tested in serum analysis and against controls using a multiple normal tissues corrected differential analysis (MNTDA) to confirm that the biomarker is specific to the malignancy being investigated. A successful biomarker is prostate-specific antigen (PSA) expressed only in normal prostate tissue and frequently up-regulated in prostate tumors compared to normal prostate tissues.

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Biologics, Biomarkers, Small Molecule

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