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Advance your next cancer research breakthrough.

Oncología preclínica


Potencie sus compuestos de oncología preclínica con un conjunto integral de estudios de oncología preclínica, que incluye modelos de eficacia farmacológica in vitro e in vivo, tecnologías de imagenología in vivo y prestaciones de radiación focal.

When your research has the potential to save lives, you deserve a partner with the oncology pharmacology knowledge, breadth of tools and experience to move life-changing drug candidates through non-GLP, preclinical development and oncology clinical trials quickly and efficiently.  

We've helped hundreds of companies discover their next life-improving compound. 

Immunotherapy & Adoptive Cell Therapy Support

We offer over 30 different syngeneic tumor models, from both solid and disseminated origins, to provide you with many choices to further your immuno-oncology research. We are continually improving and expanding adoptive cell therapy capabilities:

Flow Cytometry, Imaging and Radiation

For over a decade, we have offered an industry-leading array of in vivo imaging modalities for optimum pharmacologic interrogation when needed. Estas incluyen:

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About Preclinical Oncology

In 2019 Labcorp welcomed the preclinical pharmacology oncology provider, MI Bioresearch, into the Labcorp family. You can now access hundreds of cell line assays and tumor models, as well as thousands of potential oncology patients for clinical trials or explore an extensive library of oncology diagnostics